LA 4009 adhesive has proven especially useful in the fabrication of inflated systems. It exhibits high initial bond

strength and quickly cures to high strength, heat resistant final bond. Its solvent blend is especially compounded to

minimize solvent attack on thin fabrics. Typically this is a 2-parts adhesive, Vinyl Chloride and Urethane coated fabrics. However, we have been using it the repair of inflatable boat of all fabrics, (Hypalon, CSM, PVC and Urethane coated), without any failures over 5 years. Yes in the shop we generally use it as a 2-part adhesive, but we have found that it works better and has a longer shelf life than any 1-part adhesive on the market or included in a repair kit by the manufacture. We have been selling it to our customer out of the store again for over 5 years and to my knowledge only one customer couldn't get it to work the 1st time around.

Comes in a resealable
for easy pouring into a glue cup, and with a brush to use the 1st time, and to show what the brush should be like (short stiff bristles).

Adhesive (120 mm or QT)

SKU: AI-LA4009-1/4 PT

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