The smart solution for coastal sailing Approved according to ISO 9650-2,

This coastal life raft includes all you need for coastal or inland sailing near rescue points.

Easy to transport and fit on board

Basic coastal yachting liferaft - details

  • Fluorescent yellow canopy and ballast bags
  • Black buoyancy compartments with white lifelines
  • 6 persons
  • Natural rubber and acrylic/silicon coated nylon
  • Ballast bags- 4 large quick filling bags - each containing 60 litres – for maximum stability
  • Retro-reflective tape: Fitted with SOLAS high visibility retroreflective
  • tape on roof, sides and buoyancy compartments
  • Automatic exterior and interior light
  • Special features: - Automatically inflating canopy - also
  • designed for extra seating height
  • - Boarding ramp for easy access
  • - Two openings: one large, one small
  • secured with over-size, easy-slide zippers
  • - Internal and external lifelines
  • - Two storage pockets
  • - Approved for inflation in 0oC to +65oC
  • Emergency pack: Equipped with a basic coastal emergency pack (ISO 9650-2)
Storage options: Packed in a handy water resistant valise or a compact and sturdy fibre glass container that can be mounted directly on the push pit or rail
Main areas of application: Coastal sailing and fishing
Approval: The RescYou™ liferaft meets or exceeds the required ISO 9650-2 standards
  1. Life rafts are dated units therefore they are ordered as requested and take 7-10 days to receive.
  2. They are considered Hazmat and therefore are ship common carrier to commercial addresses only.
  3. To place an order please - EMAIL or call (410) 800-4443 ex 101, or 105
  4. This Item CAN NOT be Ordered on Line

Coastal 6-man Valise


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