a prop protecting unit is designed to improve both performance and boat handling. Manufactured since 1989, our products are made from an energy absorbing plastic that can be flexed and scratched without breaking and stainless steel screws and bracket providing durability and quality.

Standard Size Fin: 5 - 100 HP, Boats Up to 18'


Large Size Fin: 100+ HP, Boats Greater Than 18'



  • Planes Faster With Less Throttle
  • Lifts Boat To Reduce Drag
  • Controls Cavitation & Porpoising
  • Improves Steering
  • Works Like & With Fins Above Prop
  • Absorbs Impact
  • Shields Propeller & Skeg
  • Stops Wear Down Of Skeg
  • Grass Bed Guard
  • Great For Flats Fishing, Etc.
  • Great for Outboards & I/Os



The Hydro-Shield is being brought back to the market place by one of our past customers. He was so impressed with its ability to improve a small boats performance that he invested in the product. The Hydro-Shield has been improve by creating an injection molded unit for added stiffness , yet not rigid, and with testing to refine its already great configuration. In the absence of the Hydro-Shield we have been hard pressed to fine another fin that works as well. Yes, we found good fins that would do very well getting our boats on plan faster and easier, but nothing works all the time, and nothing can take a corner like the Hydro-Shield.




    Hydro-Shield (Standard & Large)

    SKU: HYS-1

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