Coaster Iso 9650

Light, Compact, Cost-efficient

Compact and lightweight, the Coaster ISO 9650 belong to the Type 2* category, ie they are suitable for coastal sailing, in moderate sea conditions. They are designed to inflate correctly at an ambient temperature of between 0° and 65°C.

The Coaster is of Type II*and meets all the most restrictive criteria of the ISO 9650 standard. Specially designed for coastal navigation, it provides maximum safety while waiting for rescue at sea. Made of 100% bonded PVC fabric, based on Zodiac® Thermobonding™ and high-frequency technology, the Coaster is both resistant and very visible. The structure of the tent, comprising a double crossed arch, offers ample room and guarantees perfect protection against the elements. The double arch, made of fiberglass, solidly holds the tent. The life raft inflates instantly when triggered at an ambient temperature between 0 and 65 °C. The delicate boarding phase is facilitated by the interior ladder. Once they are filled, the water pockets attached under the life raft serve as ballast (240 liters) and provide the Coaster with optimal stability. These elements, a sign of superior quality, ensure the reliability of the Coaster ISO 9650 in the event of distress. The Coaster ISO 9650 is available in three models that can accommodate four to eight people and are stowed in a container or a bag. Zodiac® has a large network of approved stations that can perform the mandatory triennial inspections at very competitive rates. The Coaster is guaranteed for 12 years**. *According to the ISO 9650 standard, there are two categories of life rafts: Type 1 for open sea sailing and Type 2 for coastal navigation. Beyond six miles from a shelter, possession of a life raft is mandatory. The choice of the type is left to the decision of the captain. ** Life raft guaranteed for 12 years under the conditions defined in the contract which can be obtained from your re-seller.

All Zodiac Liferafts are now equipped with this brand new fabric. With its triple layer in nylon and polyurethane, this triplex fabric insures great air-tightness and durability, light weight and perfect visibility.

Service interval: 3 years
Warranty: 12 years
Material: PVC with thermobonded seams
Ballast pockets: 4- 30 liters each
Doors: 1
Lights: internal and external

Included equipment: (quantity depends n raft size)

  • Equipment Rescue buoy + 30 m line 1 Floating knife 1 Sea anchor + line 1 Bailer 1 Sponge 2 Pair of floating paddles 1 Repair kit 1 Pump 1 Raft operating instructions 1 Signalling equipment Hand-held flare 3 Parachute flare 2 Whistle 1 Signalling mirror 1 Electric torch 1 Spare batteries and bulb 1 Medical equipment Seasickness tablets 6 / pers Seasickness bag 1 / pers

Note; there are inbound freight charges to be added to the prices listed, and as these are dated items they are not stocked and need to ordered - figure 7-14 days for delivery.

  1. Life rafts are dated units therefore they are ordered as requested and take 7-10 days to receive.
  2. They are considered Hazmat and therefore are ship common carrier to commercial addresses only.
  3. To place an order please - EMAIL or call (410) 800-4443 ex 101, or 105
  4. This Item CAN NOT be Ordered on Line

Zodiac Coastal 4P Valise

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