#325-5 Zodaic FR 340 (2002)



Boat in very good condition, used only for a demo.

#579 AB Lammina 10AL & MFS9.8ES

06-Basic Package


Boat in great condition and has the SeaWise davit system installed on the tubes. The davit system will be removed and is not included in the price.

#656 Zodiac FR310 - 1999



Boat holds air well. Good starter roll-up Zodaic or a starter boat for the kids.

#626 Honda BF2 (2002)

09-O/B 4-stroke


Engine is in good condition. A lightweight, reliable Honda.

#341-5 Avon 3.11 Air Deck (1996)



Boat is in good condition and has a brand new Air deck.

#664 Mercury F3.5S ~ 2012

09-O/B 4-stroke


This is a lightweight 3.5HP motor that starts easily.